Thursday, July 3, 2008

A note about hate: in army training, for example in bayonet practice, you are taught to hate the enemy; it is essential if you are to survive and win. On Bharat Rakshak forum, the operatives of CIA-RAW, through the numerous anti-muslim, anti-Pakistan threads they nurture, direct the aggression of Indians toward other Indians (which is what Pakistanis are) while they suppress any mention of the necessity to defend against the real enemy -- the white man and the most powerful white country, the United States. In a letter to the press in 1998, just before Vajpayee assumed office as prime minister, I wrote, referring to I. K. Gujral's statement as prime minister about the necessity for Indians to "inculcate" the scientific spirit in themselves, about the necessity for Indians to inculcate in themselves "hatred for the white man (and woman)", to which Vajpayee replied "Hate is not on the agenda", to which I replied that this amounted to saying "Defence is not on the agenda". The agenda remains unfulfilled. (See